Thursday, 7 November 2013

Purse Strings Blocks

Last week I had a whole sewing day all to myself. These are rare, and come along only in school holidays! I made a good start on a new project, following the purse strings block tutorial, an original block put together by Kelly from My Quilt infatuation. The tutorial was really clear and easy to follow, which was great as this is my first journey into the world of 45 degree angles!
 I also used the paper plate technique for sorting the pieces for each block - so simple and so effective. I got a real production line going on, but didn't muddle up my pieces.
 I even managed to get my white triangles overlapping in the same direction  - I have really impressed myself!
 And I have generated a lovely stack of ready to stitch HSTs to play with as I trimmed the corners off the squares.
I have lots more to do - but I'm so pleased with the start I have made.

I'm linking up to My Quilt infatuation now... with thanks for the great tutorial!