Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Orange is the New Block

I came up with this blog post title late last night and am just so pleased with myself! Not only is the latest block in my sampler quilt orange, but I cut and stitched it while watching 'Orange is the New Black' . But then I got so into OITNB that I had to just watch it and not sew or cut at the same time.

 It's an Amish star block, not sure that I love it, but I think it will work in the quilt. And now I'm going to link to lovely Kelly at needle and thread Thursday

I am on a bit of an orange trip. I went on an amazing quilt course taught by Jane Brocket on being brave with colour. We had to choose a fabric in a colour we really didn't like, from a pile of her own stash fabrics, then work from there to put colours and patterns together. I chose a brown and tan fabric... And look what I ended up with:
It ended up with blue and orange - and I really like it! It's going to be a cushion for my mum. 

Finally I made a doll quilt for my friend's daughter's birthday. I feel like a real quilting mama now, sending my son to parties with home made gifts. 
You can't quilt a power ranger or a ninja turtle, so I have to make the most of little girl parties! 

Linking up to WIP Wednesday- thank you for the linky party!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Making it up as I go along

I started this quilt as 2 mini quilts for friends - and I loved the blocks so much I made identical blocks for myself, and then I kept going. I was having fun trying new techniques , and practicing skills, and playing with my growing stash.

Original blocks:
Mini quilts for friends:
Then I added more blocks :
And the completed blocks so far:
I'm learning lots about HSTs, flying geese, and also quilt maths! I have had to write out and resize the block designs from various books. I'm aiming for 12 blocks and then will see what to do about sashing, borders etc. 

My little boy started school 3 weeks ago, and I am finding a bit more sewing time in the exciting! Also it's lovely to see him learn and grow and make new friends of course!! 

Going to link to Needle and Thread Thursday. Thanks Kelly for the inspiration.