Thursday, 19 September 2013

Blue, but not blue!

I finished quilting and binding the first quilt top I made, a year after making it. The fabrics I found when clearing out some cupboards at church years ago, leftover from a forgotten craft group perhaps, and they sat in a box for 3 years until I decided to follow my sister's lead and try quilting. It turns out that the print is Kaffe Fassett, not too shabby eh?! So I made some nine patches, white sashing, and strips of 2.5" squares and sewed it all together. And then it sat in a bag for a year. But now it's complete. I used an old duvet cover for backing, and ready made bias binding which I bought before I learned that quilters make their own binding. That said, it was so easy to attach, and the corners were perfect first time, so I may go ready made again some time! 
It is going on my son's bed- he likes that he had his own 'blanket' and likes the blues! 

Quilts are fun for making tents out of! 

And in other news, I'm back to school like so many others out there in blog land. I just had time to stitch together a new book bag!
It's made from lovely upholstery fabrics, 3 different chenille/ tapestry scraps I had. Don't look too closely at the lining though, I attached it in a mad rush on the first morning of school!!

Linking up to Kelly's Needle and Thread Thursday- it's nice to have a big finish to share!