Thursday, 29 May 2014

Quilts on toast

I've been sewing bits and bobs and dreaming of quilts. I've had quilting on the brain so much, look what happened to my food :

do actually also have a quilt finish to share. A wee rainbow baby quilt that I put together in evenings after work. It was going to be a regular coins quilt with each stack the same width , but I didn't measure carefully and cut the first stack too narrow. So I looked at the rest of my slab of strips and adjusted my widths to get the graduated effect. I like this much better - a happy accident ! 

I've also been working on two mini quilts/ wall quilts for my lovely colleagues for end of year gifts. Maple leaves for a Canadian lady and a Violet Star for a teacher who I shared a Violet class with. 

 I'm going to link to the lovely Amanda Jean's linky party - always so much inspiration !  Finish it Friday

Technical question: anyone know how I can insert a link in my post using the iPhone blogger app? Haven't figured it out yet ! 

Friday, 2 May 2014

Big Star

This is a really lovely pattern I found via the Quilty web TV shows. I love these little shows, lots of great tips and ideas. Anyway, it's my first star quilt, a wall hanging, and so far just the top finished, but super satisfying none the less. 
The yellows are from my AMH true colors fabric win from the Village Habedashery. And the blues are from my hoarded Tula Pink Acacia stash. The colour scheme is in honour of my Swedish heritage! 
I'm trying the Blogger App on my iPhone here- so I'm going to try to link to Crazy Mom quilts - lets see if it works ....