Friday, 18 October 2013

A baby quilt, with thanks to Auntie Dora

I'm so pleased to have a real finish! A quilt for a baby girl, born on Friday night, who I will get to meet next week. My friend has been waiting a long time for her to arrive, and this quilt has also taken a while, not nine months, but not far off. My time to quilt is so limited !
I collected lots of kids prints over a little while and then decided to put them all in together.

 Another view. The quilting is an easy, loose meander to keep it nice and soft.
 My first attempt at a patchwork panel on the back - I really like it. The backing is an IKEA fabric,one of their few colourful quilting weight cottons - and so much cheaper than 'proper' quilt fabrics!

 I bound it with an orange solid - jolly and bright. I love pink and orange together, it is one of my favourite colour combinations. My wedding flowers were orange and pink.
And finally a snapshot of Auntie Dora's legacy. Auntie Dora was my mother-in-law's godmother. I never met her, but according to my dear m-i-l, Dora was hard work, demanding, cantankerous, and managed to alienate almost everyone in her family, except my saintly m-i-l who never gave up on her. When I put a sewing machine on my Christmas list one year, my m-i-l suggested Dora might no longer need her machine, and sure enough, soon this 1970s Brother came my way. So her legacy has enabled me to receive a lot of joy, and to pass some on in the quilts I have made so far. The sewing box also was Dora's, I was given it the other week - I plan to recover it with something patchworky but will keep that fabulous satin lining. And Auntie Dora's most lasting legacy, for which I will always be grateful, is an actual legacy, left to my m-i-l, who gave some of it to my husband, which helped us achieve the family we dreamed of. So thank you Auntie Dora!

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