Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bits and bobs...and a Bernina

January went by without any much of a focus, sewing or otherwise- glad to be on to February! I have been sewing bits and pieces, nothing finished, and mostly sewing to get to know my new machine better. My lovely new machine, here she is!

I found her the Saturday before Christmas, in a local charity shop. I'd gone in to buy more Christmas cards and saw a sewing machine standing in the window, a Bernina, for £50. I had to have it. I didn't know if it worked, but at that price who cared, so I snapped her up as my Christmas present. I got her home, threaded her up, plugged in, switched on, and...nothing! Not a flicker of life. So disappointing, I would have to wait til after Christmas to get to the repair shop, but that night I pondered that the first thing the repair guy would do would be to check the plug. So first thing the next day, there I was in my pyjamas, with a screwdriver checking the plug, and sure enough a wire had come loose- so I rewired and tightened it all. I plugged in the machine, held my breath and switched on- bingo! Lights, needle, action, we were in business.

I found a manual online, and did a quick search on the model, 1230, and discovered that I have an iconic machine, and that she sews all kinds of cool stuff. The accessories box is brilliant- all those presser feet, look:

I doubt I'll ever use them all! Who knows. So then I just wanted to get sewing. The main thing I've completed is this patchwork. Probably destined to be a cushion, but maybe a wall quilt, not sure yet.

It's made from the scraps from my purse strings quilt, my first real attempt at HSTs, and I love it.

I've also made a few little birdies like this as gifts.

And a great appliqué t-shirt for my son's dress up day at nursery. Those jersey stitches are really brilliant.

So there you have it. I can't wait to get on to quilting on my Bernina now...February is going to be fun!

I've linked up to wip-wednesday for the first time!