Saturday, 5 March 2016

Instagram Whirl of Gaity

I love Instagram. Love it! The instantness of it all, millions of photos of lovely quilts and fabric and sewing machines and cats of top of all of the above - and you can show your appreciation with a tap of a screen. But the thing I love is getting to know new people! I have a few friends and family following me, but mostly total strangers, loads of them! 
Look! 100 people follow me. Wow! And I don't know most of them. They live in other countries!!! I love following them right back- it's so fascinating to see what someone is making in Japan, or Seattle or Edinburgh. Do some of those I exchange cheerful and encouraging comments with count as friends yet? I don't know, kind of I reckon.

But I do still have this lil ole blog here, so now I'm going to just stick up a ton of pics because I've been busy!

Next quilt is going to be a bigger one. In fact I have the blocks ready and waiting, so what am I waiting for? Time to put em together. 

That's it for now. Maybe I won't leave it so long next time! But until then, you'll find me trawling the sewing hashtags over on Instagram #

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