Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Blocks for Orlando

When I saw the news reports of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando on 12th June I felt sad, angry and powerless. On Monday morning, as breaking news was still coming out I dropped my son off at school and went running. I plugged in my loud music and ran further than I have in a while. I have legs, I have a life, I can run. 49 innocent people will never run again, maybe more. When I got home I watched the news footage and started pulling fabric out. Before long I had made this mini quilt.
 That cotton and steel fabric came in really handy with Florida on it. The same thought occurred to me, I can create, I can make something beautiful, so I should. So many creative souls were lost on Monday, let us make the art they won't make now. This flag is a reminder for me to stand against hate and stand with my lgbtq loved ones in solidarity. 

But what more could I do? Thankfully the Orlando modern quilt guild has done what quilters do in tough times - planned a quilt of comfort, dozens and dozens of them. So I'm making blocks to go to Florida like this: 

And since I'm only one person I have invited other uk quilters to join me -  I'll be the post lady and get it all to Orlando. 

These quilts won't bring the victims back, but if they show love and bring some comfort that is the best we can hope for.


  1. Thank you for being our post lady ... your words resonate with many of us and it's a lovely thing we can do collectively to show our love and support. Good for you :)

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